Thursday 9 May 2013

Angelica's Elegy - Gold Celeste

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Everything about this lot seems to spell out the word "magical". The poetic band name, the mysterious, almost holy album title and the colourful artwork. Having been following them since last summer when they were awarded Obligatory Record Of The Week for the excellent 'When You're Asleep', Norwegians Angelica's Elegy just seem to have gone from strength to strength. Next came the dreamy shoegaze of 'Fuse and a Spark', quickly followed by the alt-pop loveliness of 'Rewind All Your Footsteps'. Needless to say that anticipation for the album was high, as this is a band with no set of rules and no determined sound.

'Gold Celeste' lives up to expectations in every way. The three singles, 'When You're Asleep' in particular, sound spellbinding; not quite like anything else we can think of but not so far removed that they seem new. Perhaps it's like a long forgotten memory that suddenly flashes from the back of your mind. There are other songs here that match, if not better it. 'Starchild' is a different kind of dreampop, not simply relying on ambiance to work its wonder; 'Sixteen Feet' does the same. Angelica's Elegy write pop songs, they just write them differently from everyone else, and appear to approach the whole aspect from an entirely different angle.

Even the slower tracks aren't the reserve of listeners who are accustomed to more esoteric sounds. 'Not A Game' and the beautiful 'Someone At The Door' don't allow interest levels to drop. Whether it's 'Apse Mosaics' or 'I'm Counting The Days' this is a new form of psychedelia, one that doesn't come from a druggy haze, one that comes from somewhere on high; these are heavenly sounds from a heavenly band and it would be a tragedy if this album floated past without gaining the recognition it deserves. So take a listen, soak it up, and then spread the word far and wide.

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