Friday, 10 May 2013

Fun Adults - For Water

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There seems to be a growing trend of vocalists using a slightly strange vocal intonation, and we're blaming Wild Beasts and Antony Hegarty. Blame is probably the wrong word though, it makes a change from mid-Atlantic rock bands or cutsie indie bands trying to push as much of their own accent as possible into a song. Leeds quartet Fun Adults have a bit of a Wild Beasts thing going on, and not just with the singing; musically their experimental form of what would probably called indie isn't far away either, although it comes a bit closer to alt-pop and soul than the Cumbrian lot.

New single 'For Water' sounds like a band attempting to avoid cliche or normality at every opportunity, which is very tough to do without the song sounding forced or made up of separate sections instead of all flowing as one. But it's called 'For Water' and it does flow, it doesn't sound clunky or try-hard. You won't find your regulat guitar chords being strummed or a 4/4 beat with these guys, they're going out of their way to try something different. The song is perhaps the weakest link in the chain, it's the way its been put together that makes it interesting, but at least they're not happy just to follow the crowd.

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