Friday, 10 May 2013

Bloody Knees - Ears, Eyes, Ohs And Yous

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Cambridge isn't the first place you think of when it comes to scuzzy, slacker-rock bands, but if Bloody Knees get their way this will soon change. Inspired by a bizarre love of skateboarding and horror (singer Bradley Griffiths suggests that his fascination with gore may come from his day job as a hospital cleaner), the four childhood friends picked up some guitars and wrote songs about what they knew and what they discussed hanging around in the city's car parks listening to The Misfits, and began transferring it to song.

'Ears, Eyes, Ohs And Yous' is the first track to be taken from their 'Bloody Knees' EP which is due oh June 17th. There's a lot of energy here for a bunch of slackers, this is more powerpop/punk than stoned, lo-fi mumbling. The vocals talk of murder and the guitars absolutely fly. With the corner of the music world marked "lo-fi" becoming increasingly cramped, Bloody Knees have given themselves a fighting chance by taking the sound back up to a level where less people are currently venturing.

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