Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thomas D'Arcy - I Wake Up Every Day EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

I'm not sure if this is how things normally work, but Canadian artist Thomas D'Arcy had a video made for his new single 'I Wake Up Every Day', a track taken from his album 'What We Want'. In celebration of the video, he decided to release an EP to accompany it. So we don't just get a single and B-side, we're treated to five songs instead. It's difficult to argue with his thinking there, especially as the whole thing is free to download. He must be incredibly proud of that video! It is pretty good actually, and you can see it below. The song 'I Wake Up Every Day' is good with or without visuals; a catchy and melodic guitar-pop song with a certain timeless feel to it. As for the rest of the EP, well, it's hardly like it's cobbled together out of spare parts or anything.

No remixes, alternate edits or acoustic versions; this comes with four proper songs, and four proper good songs too. You can notice a mild dip in quality on second track 'Denim And Leather', but then it is following the star of the show. Surprisingly though, a track like 'Find Your Man' is top-notch and could stand up as a single in its own right; a lovable mix of indie and electro sounds and a great pop tune. The bleepy intro to 'One Night's Rest' comes as a bit of a surprise and it's good to see some variation; the song as a whole shows that D'Arcy is no one-trick pony. It's still quality pop though, because that seems to be what the man is all about. Writing songs that people will like. Sounds simple on paper (or computer screen), doesn't it? So many people fail at it, so it leaves us concluding that D'Arcy has a natural talent for this kind of thing. 'Get It From Me' seals the deal. An excellent bargain.

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