Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dissociates - Dead Language

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London band Dissociates wear their influences on their sleeves, being quick to mention that they grew up listening to The Clash, The Jam, Wire, The Buzzcocks and Fugazi, as well as being fans of modern punk bands such as Future Of The Left and Pulled Apart By Horses. It paints a near perfect picture of what their own sound is like; the original punk pack but with a rocket up their arse. Following their EP 'Drown This Town' last year, the quartet will release new single 'Dead Language' on Monday.

So it sounds as you'd expect, hurried riffs, half-spoken vocals, raw, rough, flailing drums like rocket fire and the overall effect of plugging yourself into the national grid. There's little attempt to try anything that hasn't been done before, and in that respect the line "do we speak a dead language?" is perhaps more fitting than was intended. Dissociates aren't flogging a dead horse here, but they are flogging something that you will already have in your record collection if you like punk in any form, but at least they deliver it like they mean it, so 'Dead Language' might just be a good addition to your collection after all.

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