Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blaue Blume - On New Year's Eve

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Yeah it seems like a strange time to release a song called 'On New Year's Eve', but at least they can't be accused of cynically cashing-in. Blaue Blume are a Danish band, a country which we seem to be mentioning a lot of late. This quartet haven't been together very long, yet they've already caught the ears of a few excited bloggers out there (I guess this now includes us then), and from what we gather, they currently only have one song recorded. So if this is their first foray into recording with each other, then it's not a bad way to start things off.

What's more impressive is that, as first songs go, this track doesn't seem like a decent accomplished track by a band who look set for good times ahead, it sounds like the work of a band with an startlingly well defined vision of the music they want to make. We can talk about musicianship or production or whatever, but for all we know one of the band may have been working as a producer for the past decade, so that aspect isn't most notable. It's more that 'On New Year's Eve' is complex whilst also being seamlessly smooth and incredibly imaginative. On the strength of this track we're unlikely to be the only ones comparing them to Wild Beasts, but there are worse bands to be likened with. The (currently) relative blank space of Blaue Blume looks like being one worth watching.

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