Friday, 10 May 2013

Casi Wyn - Fan Hyn

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We're going to stick this one in the "difficult not to like" pile, because if you don't find this new single and video from Casi Wyn amazingly endearing then you're probably one of those shapeshifting lizards that David Icke goes on about. From Bangor in North Wales, Casi sings in Welsh here and as a non Welsh speaker it doesn't matter one tiny bit. She could be singing about a sewage treatment plant and still make it sound beautiful. We've done a quick Google translate and apparently 'Fan Hyn' means "older fan", so really we're still none the wiser.

Taken from her new EP '1', this song uses a tried and tested chord sequence to ensure that it smothers your ears with likable sounds. Add to that a voice that's quite captivating and a song that feels optimistic and full of hope (whatever it's about) and you have a winning formula. Couple the song with a simple video of a smiling Casi Wyn playing with balloons under blues skies (really, it's not as twee as that sounds) and you have a little piece of Welsh magic. Let's hope the language barrier doesn't stop more English media from giving her the coverage she deserves.

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