Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hjaltalin - Crack In A Stone

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There seems to be an overriding notion that all Icelandic musicians make star-gazing, fantasy music that's inspired by their mysterious country and imps and the Aurora Borealis, probably sung in a manner similar to the way that whales communicate. Well, that's Sigur Ros and they're are known globally so maybe that's why, plus a few copycat bands have slipped through the door they opened up. But surely their biggest musical export is Bjork? And her music is about as wide ranging as you can get and not all slow-burning soundscapes (although she has been known to imitate the call of whales on certain songs).

This must be frustrating for all the bands in Iceland who don't sound like that and possibly hamper their progression to wider recognition. Hjaltalin have fared a little better though and new single 'Crack In A Stone' manages to be majestic and experimental whilst also being a perfectly fine trip-pop song that shows skill and imagination along with not being quite as taxing on the ears as some more ambient bands. Its parent album 'Enter 4' was released in their homeland last year and will get a worldwide release in September. Expect it to garner much critical praise.

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Catch them live:

Tuesday 14th - London, Huw Stephens presents @ The Social
Wednesday 15th - London, Hoxton Sq. Bar & Kitchen w/ Ewert & The Two Dragons
Thursday 16th - Brighton, The Great Escape, Iceland Airwaves/M for Montreal showcase @ Above Audio
Friday 17th - Brighton, The Great Escape, The Brighthelm

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