Sunday, 12 May 2013

David G. Cox - Docklands Serenade

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There's plenty of nostalgia to be found on this track from London singer-songwriter David G. Cox. 'Docklands Serenade' is indeed a song you could describe as a serenade; it's a bluesy waltz, and we don't get sent many of these to review. Taken from his forthcoming EP 'Bag Of Bones' which is due next month, this is a song that uses bygone sounds but could only have been created recently, as he cleverly brings the sound up to date, partly due to the production, and partly because there's an element of indiepop which couldn't have come from long ago.

Dilapidated docklands may not seem like the most romantic subject for a song, but Cox's casual delivery and poetic lyrics see that this little ode is very endearing. The whistled backing could be lifted from Americana, and the whole track, despite being unmistakably English, takes in American sounds too, and this is another reason why it sounds so up to date. David G. Cox has a style of his very own here, and there are few singer-songwriters we can say that about, and even fewer who can make you pine for a Sunday morning stroll down the crumbling and muddy banks of an industrial estuary.

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