Sunday 14 April 2013

We Are The Storm - Monument

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I wonder if the charts in Sweden accurately represent the Swedish music we continually feature on the site, or if they're clogged up with the same crap that ours are? I guess it's irrelevant so long as the bands we like can survive and continue making decent music, hopefully they'll act as a musical laxative and drive all the shite away, leaving us with the good stuff. We're probably going to be let down on that one, but never mind, we'll keep shouting about the decent tunes until we pop our metaphorical clogs. We hope that We Are The Storm will join us in doing so.

'Monument' is the new single from the band's second album 'Wastelands' which should be released very soon. The fantastic thing about bands such as We Are The Storm is that they are essentially writing pop songs, they simply express them in a far better way. Admittedly the walls of guitar here are a long way from Abba, but the melody and synths they use do give this storming tune an air of accessibility. If we could only persuade the record buying public to ignore what they're being drip-fed and look around at the actual world out there, then maybe groups like this would be doing as well as they deserve to be.

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  1. Unfortunately the Swedish charts are filled with the same crap as everywhere else (if not even worse), and most of the awesome music that we can hear on the blogs are just as unknown to most Swedes as it is to the rest of Europe/US. But I'm happy to see that there's so much interest and coverage of Swedish indie/electro-pop.

    1. Ah well. As long as we know where to find the good stuff we'll be OK. And keep promoting the stuff e like!