Sunday, 14 April 2013

From The Airport - Timelines

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While the North continues its vile diatribe regarding military action which (we hope) is just a load of words without substance, South Korea is exporting quality pop music around the world. And no, we don't mean that twat with the stupid dance. We've featured From The Airport a couple of times previously, and now they give us their third single and the title-track from their debut album 'Timelines'. Once again they manage to take a fairly common pop sound but brush it up so that it's much more tastefully done than your average pop puppets' releases.

Again this is primarily a synth-based track with plenty of attention to detail in the production, but where some go overboard, From The Airport keep the verses pretty minimal here, which makes the chorus sound that bit bigger when it arrives. It may be a touch commercial for the indie crowd, but anyone who appreciates decent, modern popular music should find this a satisfying listen. With a bit of luck this pair will build a bit of momentum with the album and maybe even make it to the UK at some point soon.

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