Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vodsel - Nightland

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North-eastern duo Vodsel are on a bit of a roll at the moment. You might remember the single 'Neon Euphoria' from their debut album, and you also might remember 'Equinox'. If you don't then you've not been paying attention, as we featured both tracks last month. With one album done and dusted, the guys are already working on new material, with 'Nightland' premiering on their SoundCloud page this week. As before, they owe a debt to synth-pop, both musically and vocally, and '80s sounds in particular. On 'Nightland' though, there is a small but noticeable change from the songs we've featured before.

The voice doesn't change, it's still a mix of Marc Almond, Phil Oakley and Martin Fry; clear, well pronounced and prominent in the mix. It isn't just the name 'Nightland' that hints at a darker direction here, this is more agitated in sound, anxious, almost panicky even, as though some horrible event is about to occur and the instruments know it and want to get the hell out of there. Although many of the '80s pack dealt in similar feelings, on this occasion it sounds more modern, not a retro recreation, more a continuation; a revamp maybe. From what we've been told this more cutting sound is the likely way forward for Vodsel, and it could be a great evolution.

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