Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mykel - Hold On

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There are plenty of songs out there that pack an emotional punch. There are also plenty that try to but instead end up being a cringe-worthy cheese-fest. The new single from Irish singer-songwriter Mykel definitely belongs to the former category, especially when coupled with the hard-hitting video that was made to accompany it. Some subjects are difficult to tackle in popular music, and it takes a skilled hand to pull off the feat. Something that 'Hold On' does with ease, perhaps because it was written about a friend who was left to directly deal with the consequences of a tragic death.

If you're already thinking doom and gloom and not bothering with this one in case it's depressing, then wait. Watch the video and you'll actually find inspiration plucked from the very bowels of despair. The song itself is a sophisticated, urban pop song that embraces both traditional songwriting, the recent bass explosion and modern production techniques, resulting in widespread appeal. It's a good track and in partnership with the visuals is enough to make you stop and think. An important message delivered impeccably.

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