Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tristan Coleman - Good Money

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It may be that this year will be known as the year of the animated video. Of course there have been many in the past, but now, more than ever, it seems to be the default idea for visuals. That's not to say these films aren't interesting, clever, good to watch or require much talent, simply that there are an awful lot about. Maybe this comes down to budget, maybe it's a useful pairing up of those studying art/animation and musician friends working together. Having a couple of music videos to put on your CV or towards your final course mark is surely a good thing. For 'Good Money', the lead-track from Tristan Coleman's new EP 'Still Life With Sound' we're again treated to some artistry.

The song has a distinct art aspect to it as well, besides the fact that all music is technically an art form. With 'Good Money', Coleman takes what could have been a solid enough song and embellishes it with a number of carefully considered additions. The basic backing track isn't as simple as it may at first appear, and the beats used are anything but ordinary. There seems to be the notion of taking a track and pushing it ever so slightly towards other genres, but without ever allowing it to become submerged in any of them, therefore creating a song that's almost a number of different styles. With so much music getting stuck in a rut, any innovation of this kind should be applauded.

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