Sunday, 7 April 2013

Helldorado - Bones In The Closet

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Unfortunately I don't have any of the special glasses, but apparently the cover is 3D, so if you click on it you'll get the full size image and can test it out with an added dimension. Helldorado were formed in Norway over a decade ago, and judging by 'Bones In The Closet' they have a few different dimensions to their music as well. There has been an apparent evolution of their sound in that time, with the press release stating that they're moving ever closer to Mexico (we're taking that as in musical terms, not literally) and sure enough, this track could easily soundtrack a Western movie and is very cinematic.

The retro guitar twangs and dark lyrics are made for a movie that probably hasn't been made yet, but would probably be amazing if it was. As if this slightly more exotic sound wasn't enough, they take things even further by bringing in a brass section and going all mariachi on us. Forget any notions of novelty by the way, there may be a slight tongue in cheek about a group of Norwegians making the music you'd expect to be backing some sunburnt cowboy riding his ailing horse through a cactus-riddled desert, but it's a cracking song and one to take seriously. We can only guess at what they'll sound like as they venture even further south.

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