Saturday, 6 April 2013

Little Brain Attack - I Want To Feel It This Way/The Sun

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Having just mentioned that the world is gradually wrapping itself in distortion, this leads us on nicely to heroes of the Paris underground scene, Little Brain Attack. When we initially featured them as a 'Band To Check Out' we commented on the fact that the city seems to have a burgeoning fuzz-rock culture waiting to burst through. After hearing these two songs we can be fairly confident in predicting that, should this breakthrough actually occur, these guys will be leading the attack with a mighty force and ample tunes to smash the competition out of the way.

Yeah they sound a bit like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Crocodiles, The Jesus & Mary Chain and so on, but what's most important is the songs. 'I Want You To Feel It This Way' is pure quality and shows this brand of guitar music done to an exceptionally high standard. We're not sure if 'The Sun' counts as a B-side or a double A-side, but it deserves equal billing, being another prime example of distortion-fuelled rock music for those who shun the mainstream. If these guys were British or American the press would be all over them right now.

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