Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Wingard Manor - Hilariously Sad

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Hands up, we've been a bit slow on this one. This duo from Long Beach, California have been making music since 2009, but have only been brought to our attention with the release of new EP 'Hilariously Sad'. In fairness, they're not particularly well known in the UK, so I think we can be excused. The Wingard Manor describe their music as "primitive electronic", which is true to a point. You couldn't call their brand of electro-pop cutting edge, but at the same time it's not particularly retro either, plus it's really quite eclectic. So maybe that term does them a slight disservice, but they do keep the focus on the songs and keep the beats pretty minimal.

There are a couple of albums available as well as a couple of EPs; so plenty of music to explore if you like what you hear here. We'll focus on the most recent of these, 'Hilariously Sad' which is surprisingly diverse. There's the more electronica sounding 'Existential Motifs (In 20th Century Literature)', the more basic yet even better 'Goodbye Horses' which is a splendid pop song with a great female vocal. 'Blonde Ringlets' is hectic, almost drum and bass; 'My Father's Records' is very soulful, this time with a strong male vocal and a deeper sound altogether. It goes against their "primitive" tag somewhat. If you explore a few of their older releases (plenty of songs can be found on their SoundCloud page you'll notice that they don't stay in one place for very long. It seems like The Wingard Manor are overflowing with ideas.

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