Friday, 5 April 2013

The Suicide Of Western Culture - Hey, Guys! I Know The Name Of The Culprits

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Yeah, we'll take that as a song title. Much more imaginative than the majority of what we receive. It would be great if there was a story to match, but 'Hey, Guys! I Know The Name Of The Culprits' is actually an instrumental and is the second single to be released from The Suicide Of Western Culture's album 'Hope Only Brings Pain'. As it happens, it lives up to its title anyway. Instrumental music can be hit and miss to fans of popular music, but there's plenty in this song to keep you interested; it's far from routine and is definitely not a case of being too lazy to think of lyrics. Music like this is supposed to be instrumental.

The band create quite a drama here. They use a mixture of technological and man-made sounds. So drum machines blend in with guitars and then they mix the whole lot into a pot of distortion, but vary things as they go along. The ominous, ticking start gradually builds into a piece of some stature. Then, just as you think it's about to fade away, leaving a reasonably good song behind it, a whole new section springs up, adding even more drama and atmosphere. Naturally this kind of thing would be great for use in soundtracks, the only problem being that the music might end up being more attention grabbing than the film.

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