Thursday, 4 April 2013

Beatrice Eli - It's Over/Violent Silence

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The silence part of the equation doesn't really come in to it when listening to this track from Beatrice Eli's new EP 'It's Over'. 'Violent Silence' shows just what a powerful voice the Swedish singer is in possession of; slightly husky, slightly soulful, but very strong. It's no one-off either, the same EP includes 'It's Over' which also displays a fine set of pipes and a smoky tone. It was 'It's Over' that appeared online first, and it was an attention grabber, with the music being no shrinking violet behind those vocals. It needed to match them to make the song as sturdy and full of gusto as it is. It was a success.

We're happy to say that 'Violent Silence' goes one better. Firstly the song is that bit better, the vocals are equally as good, but musically it blows up to a new level. The big beats and what sounds like a piano being put through an echo chamber at its very lowest tones give this track a solid base, or you could say a solid bass. This is pop music on a grand scale, designed to make an impact, yet designed to do so in a natural way without using the same old effects we're all sick of. Whether this EP makes much of a splash or not, there could be a big future in store for Beatrice Eli.

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