Friday, 5 April 2013

The Liberty Vessels - Sleep My Dreams Away

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It's been no secret that we've been following both Peace and follow Midlanders Swim Deep on the site, both are apparently part of a whole new scene in Birmingham, although we suspect the B-Town label is more of a press invention than anything else. Joining them on this journey are a group from a bit further north. Liverpool's The Liberty Vessels have supported both of the aforementioned bands recently, and are now releasing their first track upon the public. Hopefully a good few will have turned up early to catch the support act, as they're well worth catching.

'Sleep My Dreams Away' is punky British guitar-pop that owes as much to this current scene of guitar/psych/pop crossovers as it does to the similar post-Libertines explosion of a decade ago (possibly reflected in their name?). Only this time the band can back it up with musical muscle instead of just attempting to be a carbon copy of whoever's highest up the charts. On this track it feels like they mean it, an important factor, and they attack the song with bite rather than just go through the motions. It's early days for the band, but such support slots as they've had would indicate that they're getting noticed. So watch this space.

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