Friday, 5 April 2013

Dark Horses - Alone

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The latest single taken from the debut album by Dark Horses, 'Alone', has been furnished with a strange black and white video which involves lots of mysterious faces and leather gloves. It's an intriguing and mind-boggling one for sure, but unfortunately (and this is all too common with band uploads of videos) the sound quality is too quiet and the quality is reduced. So really you're better off hitting play on both the YouTube link and SoundCloud link below simultaneously to get the full effect of their artistic ideas on this one.

As for the song, well Dark Horses haven't let us down yet. Previous single 'Traps'/'Boxing Day' was worth the money and 'Alone' is too. A Dark and buzzing alt-rock number that's not unlike The Kills when they concentrate on making tunes instead of the publicity side of things. You can hear traces of post punk, but really they have a fairly modern sound. It's not polite enough for the mainstream, but if they keep the standard high then a cult following may well build and Dark Horses may turn out to be a misnomer after all.

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