Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Stoneberry - Oak Tree EP

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Title, cover and band name all point to this being another collection of London-based acoustic-botherers, hoping to get a spot on Jo Whiley's show and maybe land a support slot with Stornoway. But no! Stoneberry are a Russian group, and while they play guitars and have one song ('Aren't You Happy') that's semi-acoustic indie-rock, their general sound is, gladly, not what we were expecting. In fact they're a bit of a mixture and the EP opens with a song called 'Kaboul' which is better described as experimental or alt-rock. It's definitely electric and isn't really copying anyone. Some inventive percussion sounds give it an extra kick too.

When we delve a little deeper and look at their bio it's actually something of a mission statement: "Stoneberry have a common idea to shake-up the modern music and escape from boring musical patterns. They are fed up with monotony and boredom and try to experiment with everything - lyrics, musical genres, instruments, new technologies." They're not quite as avante-garde as that suggests, but they're on their way. 'Oak Tree' attempts a kind of funk-rock, something which is rarely a good idea, but they make it work. The psychedelia of 'Spinning Around' is probably the best in this particular set. It looks like they only have two EPs available so far, so it's early into their career, but may they continue to experiment further.

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