Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Poltergeist - Lune Deeps

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As we touched upon before, when Echo & The Bunnymen reformed back in 1997, it was with a more mature sound, but good tunes nonetheless. Since then they've stayed just about on the same track. Most recent album, 'The Fountain', disappointed some fans who were hoping that they'd rediscover that early spark and instead found a respectably middle-of-the-road indie-rock album. With only the core duo of Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant remaining, maybe this period of time out will see them return in a less safe, more innovative way, maybe they can reignite the fire in their bellies that inspired those great albums in the '80s. And maybe Poltergeist will be the lighting of the blue touchpaper.

First track 'Cathedral' debuted earlier this year, and the band sees Sergeant teaming up with former Bunnymen bassist Les Pattinson, with drummer Nick Kilroe completing the line-up. New song 'Lune Deeps' shows the experimental edge returning once more, as they deliver a piece of instrumental psychedelia that's a great deal more interesting that those latter day, radio-friendly songs by Sergeant's more famous band. It's difficult to place Poltergeist, but I guess fans of Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo and other bands of a similar ilk will find much to enjoy here. There is a slight glance towards the '60s psych bands, but the post-punk that's ingrained in these guys is also noticeable. The album's set for June 17th, it should be an interesting listen.

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20th June, York - Fibbers
21st June,  Manchester – Sound Control
22nd June, Glasgow - King Tuts

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