Thursday, 11 April 2013

PYYRAMIDS - Paper Doll

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This coming Monday, former 'Band To Check Out', PYYRAMIDS will be releasing their debut album 'Brightest Darkest Day. It's always exciting for us when a band we tip not only make it to the point of releasing an album (a fair few implode before they have a chance) but it's even more exciting finding out whether or not we were correct in judging, by the couple of early tracks we hear, whether or not the band in question have come up with the goods or have chucked out a stinker, proving us to be the fools that we really are.

Although it's only one more song to add to the pair we'd heard already, it's safe to say that in single 'Paper Doll' we've picked a winner. It's the best we've heard from them yet; a gently building, guitar line and rather tasty vocals that break open into a thumping, quaking, grungy, alt-rocky, poppy stormer of a tune. From the trio of songs we've heard it would be an immense surprise if the rest of the record turned out to be naff, in fact we'll bet you a tenner it's not, and chalk this one up as a victory.

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