Thursday, 11 April 2013

Latala - Broken Bird

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There's a sickly sweet story behind this song, which may leave you cringing just a bit, but when you're feeling low, unhappy or insecure then strange things can bring about powerful emotions. Looking out of her window, Latala noticed several parakeets had landed in her garden. She also noticed that one didn't look as healthy as the rest and found it difficult to fly. She identified with this bird as a metaphor for her personal state at that point in time, and so it acted as an inspiration for this song, 'Broken Bird'.

Each will have their own opinion towards that story, but you can't deny a good song has come out of it. We don't know what happened to the bird in question, but we hope it survived. 'Broken Bird' is a tender piano ballad to begin with, a song filled with notions of doubt, and then hope and faith. There's almost a touch of Kate Bush about the whimsical way the tune develops. In identifying that parakeet as herself, Latala seems to have found a new determination and strength that's evident in this track. Let's hope her feathered friend had the same luck.

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