Thursday, 11 April 2013

Band To Check Out: The Cold Napoleons

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It was our Scottish correspondent who stumbled upon The Cold Napoleons a year or two back when scouting around for decent new music to feature. At that point the one-man project (real name Ryan DeRobertis) only had one completed song. Skip forward a while and, with the help of a band in the studio, he's released his debut album 'Adversaries' which you can download for the price of your choosing. Another sign that he's beginning to get noticed in the big wide world of music is that he's recently remixed The Sound Of Confusion faves The Bilinda Butchers.

The album is an incredibly eclectic affair that could be loosely described as alt-pop but varies too much to be any more specific. From the modern soul/R&B of 'Holden' to the dreamy, Beach Boys-influenced pop of 'Sun & Moon' to the Coral-sampling 'Brighton Daze' to 'When The Lights Go Down''s uptempo pop, this is a man with a hatful of ideas and an assortment of sounds. It used to be that bands didn't deviate too much from one style, but such is the change in the way music is consumed now, an album with just enough variety such as this is definitely worth a look.

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