Friday, 5 April 2013

Pale Man Made/Dubstar - Dog, Cat, Pony

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A collaboration between current guitar-pop darlings Pale Man Made and '90s indie/pop heroes Dubstar wasn't exactly something we were predicting, but as it happens they compliment each other perfectly on this single. In fact it's difficult to think of it as a collaboration, it feels more like the work of one band, which suggests the two gelled well. There are two versions of the song here, both of which will be made available for free from April 15th. Firstly the Dubstar version, and secondly the original version which appeared on recent album 'Red Box Secrets'.

The album version, as you may well already know, is filled with wall-to-wall guitars, boy/girl vocals and several hundred-weight of melody. It sounds even better hearing it again after a few months break. We can definitely label this one a grower. The version with Dubstar, as you may expect, takes in a little more of their experimental pop sound, adding choppier beats, slowing the pace slightly and giving the song more of a pop/trip-hop edge. It's an interesting reinterpretation and one which leaves enough of the original intact to avoid twisting it into a whole new song, but adds enough of a difference that their influence is noticeable and the joinging of forces was well worthwhile.

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20 April The Cornerhouse, Cambridge with Roadside Poppies and Centimes
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