Friday, 5 April 2013

Blackbird & The Storm - Broken Wings

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It's all about our feathered friends in this first single from Blackbird & The Storm's album 'Songs For A Drowning World'. The brains behind this project? Well that would be Marie-Juliette Bird, an artist who spends her time between London and the American West. With the desire to explore the relationship between nature and human nature, and also to create a different musical experience, she turned to natural music, birdsong, as an inspiration. Before you go thinking this is some hippy trying to recreate birdsong in a studio, let us point out that the music here doesn't replicate the cry of any particular bird, but does contain many samples from the natural world.

These, naturally, include birds and storms, such is the theme of the song, but much more besides. The song is breathy dreampop that's rich in texture and light in sound, mostly comprising of acoustic guitar and her own incredibly soft vocals. There is a natural instinct for fans of the world of alternative music to veer away from concepts such as this, but in truth this fits the alternative music world as well as anything, and despite certain familiar traits, there's nothing else quite like it. Plus, after a couple of listens, the sense of hope and beauty found here is enough to soften even the hardest of hearts.

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