Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mike Marlin - Skull Beneath The Skin

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

On initial impressions, there's nothing particularly special about this new single from London musician Mike Marlin, a fairly standard alt-rock intro beings with some chugging guitar and deep vocals that have been likened to comparison favourite Nick Cave. Then you hit the chorus. It's a something like the bit on a roller coaster where you slowly get winched to the top in relative comfort and boredom, and then fly over the summit for an exciting, high-speed adrenalin rush, such it the impact here. They lyrics may tell a darker story, but the song is a thrill.

'Skull Beneath The Skin' is available from this week and comes from the album 'Grand Reveal'. He's just come off tour supporting Huey Morgan, and if the rest of his material is this good then there will surely be a few punters who left the gigs thinking that the support act was the better of the two. This is post-punk with a Hammond organ break in the middle, and it's not often we can say that about a song. Big choruses have provided some of the best bits in musical history. This song has a big chorus. Enough said.

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