Monday, 8 April 2013

Kasko Lunsford - Through These Piney Woods

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Having survived the apocalypse he touched upon with his last EP late last year, Kasko Lunsford (an unusual stage name to pick when his real name Scott Stuntzman is possibly better) is in typically joyous mood on new single 'Through These Piney Woods'. Dissecting this song, it seems full of paradoxes and strange notions with the overriding idea being that no matter what gets in his way, Kasko Lunsford is going to make the most of it and stay happy whatever the heck the world throws his way.

So once again this is a pretty little ditty made by one man and minimal backing. Ignore the words and this is as sunny and jolly as they come. Then check the lyrics and you'll find he's singing about being tired of walking through the woods in question and ends up getting lost after walking for miles, to the point where there was no hope of rescue. But this is a different worldview, so instead of looking at this as a threatening, doom and gloom situation, Lunsford decides that he might as well set up camp there and stay. The end result being that he lives happily ever after in the forest. If only everyone could be filled with such optimism, the world would be a much better place.

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