Saturday, 6 April 2013

Flowed - Vomitself/In Your Arms

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It doesn't seem like it's been over a year since we last featured Brazilians Flowed on the site, but the time stamp on that review doesn't lie. We picked up on them as a possible indication that the gradual grunge/college-rock revival had reached South America, but in truth it may have been the main scene there for years, not being an area of the world we hear from very much. Each week we're still featuring bands who sound a little bit like dEUS, a little but like Dinosaur Jr. or a little bit like The Breeders and so on. Flowed fitted that category a year ago and they still do now with the release of new, free download single 'Vomitself/In Your Arms'.

We get to use the same checklist of words and phrases then. The guitars are fuzzy and occasionally screech, the bass is low and rumbling, the vocals are a little distorted and a little distant, the production not laid on too heavily. You know the score by now and you'll know if this type of thing will appeal to you. What we can say is that Flowed do a very good job of making all those aspects sound good. Which is a very pleasing thing for those of us who are fond of such sounds. 'Vomitself' has enough melody to break free from the genre a little and is the better of the two, but 'In Your Arms' is difficult to knock as well. Gradually the world is wrapping itself in distortion again. Hurrah!

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