Thursday, 11 April 2013

I Used To Be A Sparrow - Warpaint On Invisible Children

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Sweden just refuses to back down when it comes to giving the world decent indie/pop music, and next week sees the release of another album that could potentially crossover, and we don't just mean to Britain's alternative music market. There's a distinct possibility that I Used To Be A Sparrow may catch the ears of pure pop fans too. It may take a while for word to spread, but it's definitely on the cards, and tracks like catchy but classy new single 'Warpaint On Invisible Children' show just why, as they incorporate elements from a multitude of genres.

The resulting song is s fine modern pop song; not too obscure for the mainstream, but with just enough bite for the more discerning music fan too. Its choppy beats are very much in vogue right now and the subtle indie edge might snare a few of those who are keen on bands like Friendly Fires or Two Door Cinema Club. Their debut album is called 'You Are An Empty Artist' and if the other songs follow suit then there's a good chance of some of the less mainstream radio stations/shows picking up on this, which could lead to daytime play too. Let's see how well known they are by the year's end.

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