Monday, 8 April 2013

Pixie Carnation - Young and Free

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That last single, 'Keep It Coming', by Swedish band Pixie Carnation was pretty good, wasn't it? Just the kind of epic indie-rock that everyone's trying to do, only they actually managed to make it work brilliantly. In the lead-up to new album 'The New World Record' on May 6th, they've released another track called 'Young and Free'. We're going to stick out neck out and say that this one's even better, if only by a little, and therefore we can all raise our expectation for the album, and maybe even see the British press picking up on what could be a top set of tunes from across the chilly North Sea.

Whereas 'Keep It Coming' took its time to build into something fairly substantial and very stately, 'Young and Free' goes straight in with the alt-rock/indie and by the time it hits the chorus it's already cruising. There's a certain majesty to Pixie Carnation that can't be denied, and again that's evident here. The best part it that, although they hit the ground running as opposed to going for the slow build, they end up with something that's equally stately and impressive, yet still manages to gain momentum throughout. This band know what they're up to, and we love it.

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