Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hot Casandra - Hold Me Tight feat. Bianca Ionescu

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Based in London, Hot Cassandra is the project of Romanians Paul Ballo and Elena Vasilache who have been making electronic pop together since 2010. After achieving a fair amount of success in their home country and much of Eastern Europe, they're now looking to replicate this in the UK with a new EP on the way, which will follow new single 'Hold Me Tight'. When YouTube is the way that many people discover their music nowadays, it's handy to have an interesting video, and this track certainly does. It seems to be a love story and involves good and bad angels. It's a little bit puzzling but we think it ends happily for all involved.

The song is a decent synth-pop number too, even though it all goes a bit Barry White with the vocals for the first minute or so. After escaping this it becomes a pulsating track that turns its head back to give recognition to the '80s, before turning to face forward again. Both vocally and musically it's a fine listen from here on in. Occasionally music from different countries, and therefore different scenes, can get a little lost in translation, but there seems to be a strong undercurrent of electronic pop music of this kind bubbling under in the UK right now, which may suggest that Hot Casandra have timed things just right. They shouldn't expect instant success, but after plugging away a bit they should have the ability to break to the surface and get noticed in the UK too.

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Catch them live:

05 Apr London, UK - Mother
10 May Totnes, UK - Totnes Fm Studio Lounge
20 Jun London, UK - Aces & Eights

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