Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All Things Bob - Home

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Firstly, we should start with an apology to the third member of London punks Betamax for previously suggesting that the band was no longer in existence when it appears they are. It just so happens that two of the band have solo projects on the go at the same time. We're assured all is well in camp Betamax though. One such project is All Things Bob who we reviewed recently and who has now uploaded a brand new song. No sign of writer's block here then, and this one's a litle bit different from what we'd heard before too, experimenting more with electronics.

Fans needn't worry that Bob's decided upon the old cliche that he's always had a dance element to his music though, as 'Home' is still very much an indie/punk type number that employs a few digital sounds to give a touch of variation to what he does. It feels quite retro in a way, almost recalling new-wave, and it still sounds a little bit like The Jam. The basics of what's here is a reasonably typical guitar tune of the kind we've heard from him previously, but it's good to see that the will to try something a little different is there. Hopefully this all bodes well for the next Betamax record!

All Things Bob's website

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