Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Here Is Your Temple - So High EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Let's get this out of the way now. Sweden's Here Is Your Temple sound a bit like Beach House, a fact that no one, including the band, is denying. We're not talking a bad rip-off like that TV ad that aped them so closely it was criminal, we mean they they're a dreampop band whose music bears a passing resemblance to the US duo's music, but vocally there is a bigger similarity. Is this deliberate or coincidence? We can only speculate but we'd guess Beach House are indeed an influence, and why shouldn't they be? Remember how many similar sounding bands appeared after the success of The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys or Fleet Foxes? Or any major band in history? It's a common occurrence, but Here Is Your Temple aren't a copycat band, merely a similar one, so they shouldn't have this comparison thrust at them every time they release a record. We know it now. End of.

Their new EP 'So High' is a beautifully chiming record, written and produced with plenty of prowess. Both the first track, 'So High', and the closer, 'Daniel', buzz with an intensity that draws them close to being a modern shoegaze band, so usual words (ethereal, hazy, fuzzy, glacial etc.) definitely apply, but these are songs full of class. There isn't a track here that doesn't see them make the effort; not once do they settle for meandering default dreampop. This sounds like five singles and each track would satisfy compilers of alternative radio playlists, even the safe ones. 'Once Rich' in particular stands out. The stunning 'Say Hey' is about as majestic as they come and 'Big Way' hints at a more rock influence and prevents them being tied down to one particular category (or comparison). If Here Is Your Temple manage to follow this EP up with more music of the same standard then it's our guess that a few people out there might be about to discover their new favourite band.

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