Sunday, 7 April 2013

Cyanna - I Am Cannibal

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You'd be perfectly entitled to expect something at least a little sinister from a song titled 'I Am Cannibal', and it's duly delivered. Cyanna are relative veterans, forming in 1999, but being from Athens, Greece, may not be too well known in the UK. It turns out this could be a bit of a shame, as this opening track from their current 'Undressed' EP isn't your run of the mill rock shenanigans. The music is that of an experienced band, cleverly thought out and containing a few surprises in terms of sound. The only new UK bands we can think of that are in a similar vein are Mummy Short Arms and Grass House.

You can expect an eclectic version of the creepy sounds of Nick Cave and so on, only in a surprisingly jolly manner. Apart from the deep vocals that is, which tell tales of sticking your face in the mouth of an animal. The video is round the bend too. A collection of unusual shots including two people licking each other's hands in a bath, a bloke with his head stuck under a piece of furniture and the vocals being sung down what looks like a traffic cone. Perhaps the hard times Greece is going through have inadvertently led to some fascinating improvisation to go with this fascinating song.

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