Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Incredible Flight Of Birdman - EP Update & Kickstarter Campaign

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As you will most likely know, The Sound Of Confusion has been championing potential guitar heroes The Incredible Flight Of Birdman since we first heard their initial demo recordings back in (something like) 2009 (or thereabouts). Since then they've released just two singles, most recently 'Fate With Amnesia' in 2011. As is often the case with those in the business of being in rock and pop combos, those age-old gremlins of "personal problems" can get in the way of things. In this case, three members of the band needed a long stint in rehab for addiction to Surströmming.

With their demons now behind them, the Birdmen are entering the studio to record a new EP (which may turn into an album) and need your help. Private clinics for addiction don't come cheap, and so the band are offering many fine wares for a little of your support in recording the new record and drawing young people's attention to the dangers of Surströmming. In these austere times money is hard to come by. So if your children have recently received a tenner in a Birthday card from their Gran, or you've just had a redundancy payout, please consider those who are really in need and help this struggling bunch of shambling musicians to fulfill their ambitions. You'll be rewarded in Heaven (and by the band with free stuff and things like that). Please listen to the message above and find more details below.

The Incredible Flight Of Birdman's Kickstarter campaign

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