Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Deathcrush - Lesson #13 For Nanker Phlege/Fire

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Any guesses for the title then? It's got us stumped, especially as, despite the slash, it's one song. Interestingly you can either download it or purchase it as a magazine with a flexidisc, poster and download, so maybe more clues are contained therein. The music made by this Norwegian group isn't straightforward either, and I suppose is best described as noise-pop. So you can compare them to obvious names like Crystal Castles, but perhaps a better description for Deathcrush is The Death Set remixing The Go! Team. It's pop, but it's angry, it hurts your ears just a little bit and would probably nick your dinner money at school.

The video for 'Lesson #13 For Nanker Phlege/Fire' is similarly coarse and made up of grainy images chopped together, as vocals are spat out as more of a command than a request. You get a huge sense fun too, although we're guessing it would be the kind of fun that separates the men from the boys and probably involves illegal activities. We'll leave that to your imagination though, but if you want something just a little bit more challenging and ear-bashing then this track will do a grand job of weening you on to the harder stuff.

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