Thursday, 11 April 2013

Creative Adult - Rushing Toward The Cemetery

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San Francisco-based Creative Adult are a product of that area's punk scene, although they seem to have taken a step forward (or sideways depending on your opinion) and the noise they make, breaks free from the shackles of punk and takes in other forms of alternative music, particularly lo-fi, fuzz-rock and shoegaze. It's a more atmospheric piece than a wam-bam-thank-you-mam thrash through a two-minute punk song, and as far as we're concerned this is a good thing. Punk bands are still two-a-penny and still making the same old sounds, not that all of them are bad of course, some are exceptional.

These guys place heavy emphasis on the sound of the song which is essentially a screen of buzzing guitars and a repetitive bassline, almost turning it towards drone rock. Vocals are buried in there somewhere, but instead of vitriolic punk spitting being brought to the fore, here they sit mid-way and half-slur a message that's somewhat angry, but it difficult to know exactly what about as the words are not 100% clear, which with a scuzzy tune like this is exactly as things should be. 'Rushing Towards The Cemetery' is taken from their forthcoming EP 'Bulls In The Yard' on May 7th.

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The EP will be available from Run For Cover Records

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