Thursday, 11 April 2013

Du Tonc - Darkness

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Remember when we reviewed Du Tonc's debut single, 'Darkness' back in January? This week the official video for the song has gone live. Directed by Simon Savory, produced by Harriet Fleuriot and filmed at Vogue Fabrics in Dalston, it begins in black and white exploring the darker thoughts of a father struggling with concerns and anger about his daughter preparing for a night out, her sexuality, and the racial difficulties he faced growing up "different" in London, therefore not wishing any kinds of prejudice on his children (despite holding them himself, struggling with the idea that lesbianism is “not natural”).

The music kicks in as we meet the daughter, who is getting suited and booted for a night out, she leaves the house, finds a flyer for a club and then her world and the video turns to rich and warm colour as she makes her journey, spends time in the club, meets a lovely lady and dances her socks off! The music shuts off as she walks home with her blazer over her shoulder, knocks on her front door with a worried expression on her face, and we are as anxious as she is to see what her father has to say next. Towering in front of her, she looks up at him expectantly where he movingly and affectionately places a gentle hand on her cheek, and invites her back into their home. Toying with themes of growth, acceptance, diversity, independence and happiness, this video is a good'un fitting perfectly with the tune. Nice!

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