Tuesday 20 September 2011

Out This Week

Ivy - You Make It So Hard

Sometimes you can miss out on a band, they can completely pass you by. New York trio Ivy formed in 1994 and have been releasing indie-pop albums ever since, plus much TV and film work, yet somehow I'm hearing them for the first time. Well, good things come to those who wait, and I'm pleased to report that new album 'All Hours' sounds like a corker. Grab a freebe below.

IVY - Make It So Hard by nettwerkmusicgroup

Free download: You Make It So Hard

Ivy's website

Buy the album.

The Rifles - Coming Home

Also gracing the nation's record stores this week is 'Freedom Run', the new album from The Rifles who seem to have gathered a large cult following on the sly. The laddish tendencies of some of their earlier work seem to have (thankfully) disappeared, leaving behind a very decent indie-rock band. Wider recognition may be coming their way.

Free download: Coming Home

The Rifles' website

Buy the album.

Regina - Unessa

On the whole, Sweden overshadows the other Scandinavian countries on the decent-bands-per-head-of-population ratio, but every country has its great bands. Regina are Finnish and make rather exquisite electro-pop. Their second album 'Soita Mulle' is out this week and free taster Unessa(it means 'asleep' in English) is pretty much perfect, like a laid back Stereolab.

Regina - Unessa by 7Johnk7

Regina on Myspace

Buy the album.

Lanterns On The Lake - Keep On Trying

Newcastle sextet Lanterns On The Lake describe their sound as “sparkly cinematic pop”. Following a series of self-released EPs, they have signed to Bella Union who put out their debut album-proper this week. 'Gracious Tide, Take Me Home' is, well, sparkly cinematic pop! Keep On Trying is quite beautiful as it washes over you. Lantern On The Lake do exactly what they say on the tin.

Keep On Trying by Lanterns on the Lake

Free download: Keep On Trying

Lanterns On The Lake's website

Buy the album.

Shonen Knife - Rock 'n' Roll Cake

Shonen Knife have been making noisy pop-punk for thirty years now and show few signs of mellowing. Latest album 'Free Time' was released last year in their homeland and this year in the UK. And what a fine racket it is! Breaking through the scratchy noise is this quite fantastic indie-pop track Rock 'n' Roll Cake, now out as a free download single. Warning: like cake, this track is delicious, slightly addictive, very sweet and probably bad for you. Download it ASAP.

Rock'n'roll Cake by Shonen Knife

Free download: Rock 'n' Roll Cake

Shonen Knife's website

Buy the album.

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The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace


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