Monday 19 September 2011

EVOL - Close EP

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Glasgow's EVOL formed only last year and are already on their second EP. 'Close' displays a range of influences from the forbidding guitar soundscapes of Mogwai (Open) through to PJ Harvey at her most ferocious (the pulsating Tired) and a whole range of 90s alternative noise-makers, from grunge (Witchtrain borrows heavily from Hole's Plump) to epic post-rock (Close).

It would be easy to lump EVOL in with other grunge revivalists such as Yuck, but in truth they're a little more diverse and a little too dark. This EP sounds like a stepping stone on to great things to come rather than the finished article, although it's still a thoroughly enjoyable ride. The intensity of the racket they make and the powerful female vocal are signs that they may be compelling live experience too. Ones to keep an eye on.

WITCHTRAIN by Evol Glasgow

TIRED by Evol Glasgow

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