Saturday 24 September 2011

Howling Bells & My Tiny Robots Single Reviews

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Howling Bells - Into The Sky

After two excellent and well received albums, Howling Bells took the eyebrow raising step of enlisting The Killers' Mark Stoermer to produce their third. 'Into The Sky' is the first single to be taken from those sessions, it's fairly conventional and thankfully produced without too much of the stadium sheen some had feared. It's unmistakeably a Howling Bells track, yet something seems to be missing. The vocals are as sweet as ever, the driving drums and bass are in place, the chorus is powerful and catchy, but somehow 'Into The Sky' fails to engage in the way that the likes of 'Low Happening' or 'Into The Chaos' have done in the past. Pleasant enough but there's a slight sense that Howling Bells are simply going through the motions.

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My Tiny Robots - Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black

It's set to be a busy end to the year for My Tiny Robots. The Edinburgh quartet will be releasing three singles in the coming weeks, but before that they're offering up 'Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black' as a free download single to get you in the mood. Mixing stuttering beats and noodling analogue synths with a more traditional guitar-pop structure, 'RBNFB' is inventive, arty and playfull. The lyrics chop insanely between subjects including beards, the Dead Sea scrolls, fires in holes and gypsies. Quite what it all means is anyone's guess, but one thing's for certain – My Tiny Robots have set themselves a tough challenge if the forthcoming singles are to match this.

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