Thursday 8 September 2011

Five For Free #12

Fill your boots!

Oh Minnows - Another Volunteer

Oh Minnows came from the ashes of the band Semifinalists and were formed in 2009. Their debut album For Shadows was released this summer on the excellent Young And Lost Club label. Single Another Volunteer is the kind of grand, yet bombast free guitar music that so many get badly wrong. Oh Minnows get it spot on.

Oh Minnows - Another Volunteer by youngandhighclub

Another Volunteer can be downloaded from musicglue

Oh Minnows website

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Washed Out - Amor Fati

Sup Pop again. The blog buzz surrounding Washed Out's early recordings was as high as almost any artist of the past couple of years. Chillwave may be old hat now, but the atmospheric synths and laid back beats of Ernest Greene's debut album are still something to behold. Hit the download arrow for a free sample.

Washed Out - 's mor Fati by subpop

Washed Out on Myspace

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Brilliant Colors - How Much Younger

Listening to the second album from Brilliant Colors, you'd be forgiven for thinking you stumbled apon a long lost British indie band from the mid 80s rather than three San Francisco natives. Such is the ramshackle, melodic jangle they create, it's impossible not to include 'C86' when describing their delightful sound. Superb.

Brilliant Colors - How

Younger by Slumberland Records

Brilliant Colors on Myspace

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Elite Gymnastics - Omamori

]here's an air of mystery surrounding Elite Gymnastics. They're from Minneapolis, that much we know, and they have a new album out called Ruin, which is released in the UK this month. Omamori is from it, and is a dark, brooding, post-punk influenced gem of a tune. No more details needed.

elite gymnastics - o m a m o r i by Szabom

Free download: Omamori

Elite Gymnastics on Myspace

Baxter Dury - Leak At The Disco

Musicians with famous parents who also made music will unfortunately always draw inevitable comparisons. Baxter Dury's half spoken cockney drawl is mightily similar to his father Ian, but this should be no reason to write him off. Happy Soup is a solid, inventive album that shows Baxter isn't just hanging on to his dad's coat-tails. You can swap an email address for this album taster.

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