Thursday 15 September 2011

Out This Week

Five choice new releases!

Caveman - Decide

Rarely a week passes without a mention of the musical hotbed of Brooklyn. Such was the demand for Cavemen's debut album that they've released it early as a download. A pysical release will be available later in the year. The four members got together to make top quality, traditional indie-rock after being dissatisfied with the respective bands they were in. Surely they can be satisfied with this.

Caveman - Decide by GirlieActionInge

Free download: Decide

Purchase info and another free download are available on Caveman's website

Stream the album in full

St Vincent - Surgeon

Experimentalist (with the emphasis on 'mental') Annie Clark, AKA St Vincent,  releases her second album 'Strange Mercy' this week. The reviews have been amazing and the signs are all there for a breakthrough of sorts. Having spent time as a member of the Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens' band, she seems to be having a lot of fun making her own wonky concoctions, and long may she continue.

St Vincent - Surgeon by snipelondon

Free download: Surgeon

St Vincent on Myspace

Stream the album in full

Buy the album.

Girls - Vomit

San Francisco's Girls seem to have less fun, but rarely has lonliness and hopelessness sounded more uplifting than on Helhole Ratrace from their 2009 debut. Back with a second LP and emotions are again running high, as exemplified on the freebe Vomit. Girls once again  look destined to be highly ranked in the end of year polls.

Girls, "Vomit" by The FADER

Girls on Myspace

Buy the album.

Miracle Fortress - Miscalculations

'Was I The Wave?', the third album from Montreal trio Miracle Fortress has been available on import for a couple of months but now has a full UK release. Current single Miscalculations is a lovely piece of electro/indie-pop. A second free track is available on their website.

Miracle Fortress - "Miscalculations" by indiemusicfilter

Free download: Miscalculations

Miracle Fortress' website

Stream the album in full

Buy the album.


S.C.U.M - Whitechapel

It's taken a while for S.C.U.M to get around to completing their debut, but it was time well spent. The Londoners have perfected their brand of dark, psychedelic post-punk and created a unique (and rather wonderful) sound. The menacing intensity and throbbing base shine brightest on the single Whitechapel. You can stream the edited single version below - but it's not a patch on the full album version so give the whole thing a spin.

S.C.U.M - Whitechapel (Single Version) by Mute UK

Stream the album in full

S.C.U.M on Myspace

Buy the album.

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

The Sound Of Confusion on

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