Friday 2 September 2011

Out This Week

5 of the best new releases.

Big Troubles - Sad Girls

Another Brooklyn band. Big Troubles second album is due out in October, preceeded by this single which shows the band taking a step up sound-wise. Gone are the rough edges of their debut in favour of a mid-90s, almost Britpop sound. Just as good as new single Sad Girls is another album taster - Misery - which is available for free on soundcloud. Sad Girls is out now on 12" or download it free below.

Big Troubles - Sad Girls by Slumberland Records

Big Troubles bandcamp

Buy the single.

Theme Park - A Mountain We Love

Almost everything you read (which I'm guessing will be quite a lot fairly soon) about Theme Park will compare them to Talking Heads. Have a quick listen to debut single A Mountain We Love and you'll see why. The London four piece could have big things ahead of them.

A Mountain We Love by Theme Park

Theme Park's website

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Beirut - Goshen

This slow burner from Beirut's third LP The Rip Tide is one of the sweetest songs to grace our ears for a while. It would be easy to over-do it here, but the restrained production and simple arrangement of piano, horns and military drums provides the perfect backing to the Anthony Hegarty-esq vocals. Absolutely beautiful.

Beirut's website

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Butcher Boy - Imperial

Let's look at the evidence: a seven piece band, from Glasgow, includes a cellist, an album of twee indie songs that are as fey as you like... the words 'Belle' and 'Sebastian' spring to mind. They make a good job of things on new album Helping Hands though. First single Imperial is good enough to grace any B&S album.

Butcher Boy: Imperial by alisoneales

Butcher Boy's website

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Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes

Dum Dum Girls second album Only In Dreams has become one of the most anticipated of the year. It's goodbye to the fuzzy monochrome of their debut, and hello to technicolour power punk-pop. Latest single Bedroom Eyes is equal parts Blondie and The Pretenders, it's big without being pompous and it pisses over most other singles released in the past few weeks. Download it here and crank it up.
Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes by subpop

Dum Dum Girls website

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