Wednesday 28 September 2011

The Big Match - Winston v Yadi

As loyal viewers of this blog - or just casual ones who only read this post here - will know, 2011's Confusion Contributors Challenge has pitted two rising pop stars head to head in a devastating, winner takes all 'Chart Off'. With three quarters of the year now lapsed, and the finish straight looming on the horizon, we now bring you an update of how the tooth and nail contest is progressing!



Gloating banner hung *tick*; Team Yadi t-shirt on *tick* ; 'Gold' balloons inflated *tick*; Victory cake in the oven *tick*. Hmmm everything seems to be a place but I can't help but feel there's something important missing that I can't quite put my finger on....oh yes that's it - ANY ACTIVITY AT ALL FROM YADI!!!

It's with much regret faithful followers that I have to report that, at this moment in time, the Yadi march to victory is developing into the very dampest of damp squibs. Bizarrely it turns out that the biggest prerequisite to securing victory in a chart battle is to actually release something that people can buy, and to date no such item has been forthcoming. A stand alone single had been mooted for some point in September, but with the month all but slipped away, and our heroine off in Los Angeles working on more new tracks, it doesn't appear as if that release is going to materialise anytime soon. With hints from earlier this year, that she my be held back for a push in 2012, appearing close to the mark, things are looking glum at Team Yadi base camp, however let us not forget that the standard of her previous work (which if you're unfamiliar with you can get to know here) promises that if something can make it into the public domain before year end, she'll be right back in contention for a well deserved victory! For now though this dejected correspondent will hand you over to Kev, who will no doubt gloat about how fabulous Winston is, how she's done this amazing thing and that wonderful thing, and how she lives in a land where it rains platinum discs and the birds sing 'Locomotive' all day long..blah blah bloody blah!!

Yadi on Myspace


Trophy already in the cabinet *tick*.

Right, that's my checklist done.

Yes it looks like Yadi has suffered the same fate as Music Go Music did last year and not actually put any new music out. In truth, Alex Winston has hardly set the charts alight either, but this is partly due to choosing to release two chart inelligable EPs this year rather than singles. Winston's star continues to rise though, if you're reading this and thinking you haven't heard any of her music, probably have without realising it. Last year's excellent limited edition single 'Choice Notes' has been the backing music to two major UK TV advertising campaigns, infact clips Alex Winston's music has been used on TV a hell of a lot. It's a canny strategy by Island Records to build up a fan base by putting the EPs out rather than normal singles and to subconsciously impregnate the nation's brains with her music unawares, ensuring the media know all about her. This appears to be setting things up to ride the tidal wave of new year hype in 2012 and begin a chart assault then. We won't really know who is most successful until this time next year when both are expected to have released albums. So, we're looking at a rollover, but team Winston goes into the second leg 1-0 up. To celebrate, here's the lead track from Alex Winston's 'Velvet Elvis EP' which was released last month.

Alex Winston's website

Buy the EP.

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