Tuesday 12 April 2011

Slate Islands - You Are The One

Single review by KevW

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Upon first hearing the fairly orthodox opening of Slate Islands debut single, alarm bells start to ring. These are soon silenced as Polly MacLean's vocals kick in and the breezy folk traditionalism reveals a dark heart beating below the surface. The child-like line “I want to kiss you on the mouth” is followed closely by ”I want to take you home, I want to bury you under the patio.” Sinister.

B-side 'The Plunge' also doesn't stray too far from the Celtic folk blueprint, but again contains enough energy and life to carry it through – surprising when it seems to be about a grieving widow drunkenly contemplating drowning herself.

Traditional in sound though it may be, Slate Islands first release is well executed, witty and more than a little disturbing. You wonder what other dark tales you'll find lurking when the album drops later in the year.

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