Saturday 9 April 2011

Five For Free #5

The top 5 great tunes being given away currently.

1) California Wives - Tokyo

One of the buzz bands of this year's South By Southwest festival come good on their new single. If you liked the acclaimed album from Wild Nothing last year this will be right up your street. California Wives wrote and recorded 'Tokyo' before the tragedy in Japan, but if you head to their blog you can donate money to help with rebuilding the country. Let's face it, the technology that built the computer you're reading this on was probably designed there. So do it.

Free download: Tokyo

California Wives blog

Buy the single.

2) S.C.U.M - Summon The Sound

The debut album from S.C.U.M should be with us in August. Along with many other bands, they've recorded tracks to be released on limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day (16th April). A download is nowhere near as nice as a slab of vinyl, but if you want to check it out beforehand then they're giving the mp3 version to you for nothing. It's dark and moody as always.

Free Download: Summon The Sound

S.C.U.M on Myspace

3) Record Shop - Help Stamp Out Loneliness

Talking of Record Store Day - you can't get much more of an 'indie' band name than actually calling yourself Record Shop. This track sounds exactly as you'd expect. The kind of slightly twee, sweet, melodic guitar music that many bands have been creating for nearly 30 years. It's not often that it's done this well. This track was first recorded as a single in 2009 but will now be appearing on the band's debut album in May. Hit the download arrow to pick it up free.

Help Stamp Out Loneliness - Record Shop by wiaiwya

Buy the original single.

4) Slowdance - Sweetness

It must be hard for bands jostling for space in Brooklyn. Slowdance could be the next to break through despite only having played a dozen shows. Less art based and experimental than many of their peers, 'Sweetness' has a 60s French pop feel to it. A bit like a low-key Stereolab without the drones.

The free download of 'Sweetness' is available on Slowdance's bandcamp.

Slowdance's website

5) Karl X Johan - Fantasies

Yeah, nearly all of these blogs have a band from New York and a band from Sweden - and so we end in Stockholm and the new single from trio Karl X Johan. 'Fantasies' is the follow up to last years excellent 'Flames' single. Their interesting instrumentation and laid back approach could gain plenty of critical praise when they get their album completed.

Karl X Johan - Fantasies by Emotion

Buy the single.

The Sound Of Confusion on Myspace

The Sound Of Confusion on Facebook

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